Susan E. Andrejev, 54

Lancaster lost one of its most remarkable individuals on January 5, 2012 with the passing of Susan E. Andrejev, age 54, from a severe cardiac death episode that occurred on the morning of December 30, 2011.  Sue is the wife of Joseph Hoffard of 2507 Marietta Ave. Lancaster, PA 17601 and the mother of Nikolai, age 15,  Tatiana, age 14, and Galina age 22.  In love since high school, Sue and Joe have shared 36 years of life together and married for 29 of them.

Born in Lansdale, PA, Sue was the daughter of the late Eugene and Marguerite Andrejev, and the step-daughter of Shirley Van Aulen Andrejev (of the Brethren Village of Lititz).  Susan is also survived by her brothers and their families, Peter (of McLean, VA) and Erik (of King of Prussia, PA).

Susan was a cancer survivor, having overcome rhabdomyosarcoma as a CVHS student.  After graduating in 1975, Sue went on to get her barbering, cosmetology, and manager’s licenses, and subsequently developed a broad and loyal clientele base over the past 30 years in the hair styling industry.

Her sense of style and fashion was obvious in all she touched and apparent in her self-designed home, wardrobe, and business, Andrejev Salon at 1038 Columbia Ave.  Sue brought passion and caring to all she did, including her support to cancer research. Her vibrant personality enticed clients, family and friends to contribute over $15,000 to date, while her personal organ and tissue donations give the “Gift of Life” to individuals now and generations to come.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to either an educational fund for her children or to the Fox Chase Cancer Center.  Scholarship donations should be made to “UESP” (for the Utah Educational Scholarship Plan fund housing their account) and sent to Harris-SBSB, 8444 West Park Drive, Suite 610, McLean, VA 22102, Attn:  Kristen Andrejev Donations to the Fox Chase Cancer Center are graciously appreciated Attn:  Development Office, 333 Cottman Ave. Philadelphia, PA  19111.

A Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 11am at the Charles F. Snyder Jr. Funeral Home & Crematory 3110 Lititz Pike. A visitation and gathering will be held on Monday evening from 6-9pm and again on Tuesday from 10-11am both at the funeral home. To send the family an online condolence, please visit Charles F. Snyder Jr. Funeral Home & Crematory 717-560-5100.

Eulogy from service of SUSAN E. ANDREJEV

Good was never good enough for Susan. She always pushed herself to the next level and continually challenged those around her to “step it up.”

When our mother died of cancer, as a young teenager Sue “stepped it up” and become the mother of the family for our Dad, Erik and me.

Instead of succumbing to a deadly cancer at 16 years old, Sue not only survived, but “stepped it up” and grew into the beautiful and incredible woman we have all come to know and love.

It wasn’t good enough for Sue to be Joe’s girlfriend and wife.  She “stepped it up” and became his soul-mate and angel.  She challenged Joe to “step it up”, from little things like wearing Paul Sebastian cologne and looking like a rock star, to the life-changing transformation that Joe’s undergone over the past few years.

Sue could not be just a high school B-F-F.  She “stepped it up” and kept her get-aways and road trips with Sandy, Marsha and their other “gal pals” since 7th grade.

Being a hair dresser simply wasn’t good enough for Sue.  She “stepped it up” and grew into a hair stylist, and then into a hair artist. With our Dad’s charisma, she grew into a “Fashion-ista”; with our Mom’s warmth, she never became a Diva.

It didn’t stop Sue when she was denied children because of past medical procedures.  She “stepped it up” and adopted Nik, Tatiana, and Galina, and became the “Momma” of a household of love. She demanded and got her hugs and kisses from Nik. She demanded and got Tatiana to face the challenges of teenage girls and rise above them. She demanded and got Galina to realize that she is a strong young woman able to take on the responsibilities of being an adult.

It wasn’t good enough for Sue to be a soccer mom in a mini-van. She “stepped it up” and rode motor-cycle and drove a “BASUV”– a Big Ass SUV that she bought when Joe was out of town.

It wasn’t good enough for Sue to just paint a room.  She had to meticulously arrange, re-arrange, design and re-design every detail.  Again, Joey, and everyone around her, had to "step it up" and build and re-build to her exacting specifications.

Her ever curious mind would not allow her to settle for her own plate of food.  Anyone who has ever eaten with Sue knows she had the longest arm and fastest fork in the world!

It wasn’t enough for Sue to be just a family member. Sue was the glue that stayed in touch with relatives, gathered our family history, and ensured we stayed connected despite distances between us and life passages.

It wasn’t good enough for Sue to simply write checks to cancer research.  Instead of accepting Christmas gifts, Sue “stepped it up” and insisted that her clients give donations to cancer-care organizations.  Contributions prompted by her have totaled more than $15,000.

Sue could not pass quietly into the night.  She “stepped it up” and gave the Gift of Life to others through her organ donations.  She’s kept her gorgeous blue eyes though; she’ll need them to help God re-decorate heaven.

And now it isn’t good enough for everyone here to be just a husband or a wife, a brother or a sister, a son or a daughter, a close or a distant relative, an in-law or an out-law, a dear friend or a recent acquaintance.  We all “need to step it up” to honor and continue her legacy.

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I was so shocked to learn of Sue’s death. She was someone so full of l
ife, it is so had to believe she is gone. She was always so bright and friendly, such a nice person. I am so sorry for your loss, Sincerely
Coleen Clinton

I only know Susan through Silver Spring Dance Conservatory. Tatiana would come in for a Hip Hop Class and Susan would come on another day for a yoga class, sometimes with Tatiana.  We would joke about how awesome it was that Tatiana wasn’t ashamed to be seen in public with her mom, as most teenagers are!  Susan would quickly chime in that they enjoyed doing things together. Susan always had a smile on her face along with her booming voice and her infectious laugh! I’m glad that I had a chance to know her.
–Brenda Mitchell

Susan’s family, 
I went to beauty school with Susan in Lancaster.  Know that our profession has lost one of its truly talented artists.  She had the most beautiful smile.  I am so sorry for your loss. I will think of her each day as I continue our craft of hairstyling.
Deanna Figles

Dear Joe, Nik, Tatiana and Galina,
I know there are no words that can ease the pain you are feeling now, but I hope that one day you are able to read all these wonderful things written by so many different people and know just how many lives Susan touched.
I so enjoyed going to see her everything 6 weeks, like clockwork.  She always had a smile for everyone that walked in the door no matter how bad a day she was having.  She always made you feel like the center of the universe and I so enjoyed our "girl" chats.  She had such a wonderful ability to not only make people look beautiful, but feel beautiful too.

I will miss her tremendously, but I am so happy I had the pleasure of knowing her over the past few years.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Erin Gerhardt

Dear Joe and family

Our prayers and sympathy are with you all —

Jared and Jane

Such a beautiful person to say I have known since grade school. Her beautiful smile and hardy lauch will be missed.

So sorry for your loss our condolences to your family from the Tuesday Morning Family.

Hi Joe and Family,

We are so sorry for your loss. We always enjoyed talking with Sue at various get togethers at Peg and Brian’s. We will miss Sue’s warmth and conversation. Your sorrow is shared by many.

With sympathy,
Mike and Cheryl Miklos

Dear Joe and Family,
You have our deepest sympathy on the sudden loss of your caring, considerate, and vivacious Susan. May all the wonderful memories bring you strength at this difficult time. We pray that God will give you His perfect peace and understanding now and the days to come.
~Robert, Pamela and Siera Derr

Take comfort in the knowledge that Susan will always be with you in the spirit now & for the rest of your lives.  You friends & family will uphold you during this difficult time.  Cherish those memories & this time together.  God will never lead you where his love & grace will not sustain you.

Steve B

Joe and family,

You are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Carla recently friended Susan on fb and has been updated on Susan’s condition by Sachi who is a mutual friend. Carla has been sending reiki healing energy to your family over the past week.

We have been thinking of you and the kids over the past months as we recently joined an adoption support group and are thinking of learning to speak Russian.

Hope to see you soon!

Hugs and love,
Keith, Carla and Andrei Saylor
 Our contact info:

To Joe and family,
My heart goes out to you. Sue’s spirit and personality filled a room.I always enjoyed our conversations at the many gatherings at The Schooling events.May peace and comfort from friends and family guide you.So sorry for your loss, Joe.

Mary Ferris

Much love to all of you!

I just learned of Sue’s passing; I am deeply saddened by this news and offer you my deepest condolences for your loss.  I had not seen Susan for years, but thought of her often.  I have known Sue since 1985 when I met her while working @ Anthony & Vincent Salon in Lancaster.  I had the privilege of meeting her husband Joe & her brother Erik.  Sue always lived her life with zest – she will me missed.  Sue was a beautiful lady inside & out.

My condolences to the family. I pray you find comfort in knowing that even though we may loose a loved one in death, God will bring to life all those found in his memory. (Job 14:15 John 5:28,29)

To Joe,

My heart and tears go out to you, Nik, Tatiana and Galina.  I just learned of Susan’s passing this evening through Rick Smith.  Although I hadn’t seen or been in touch with Susan since ’07 when I moved to Maine, I thought of her often and longed for her hair wizardry!  I can’t believe she’s gone.  I met her when she was still at the Hairsmiths back in the early ’80’s.  She took one look at my hair and knew a challenge was at hand.  I never left her until ’07 and I never forgot about her.  She became a friend and the stories we could tell! 

We do such stupid things..never reaching out to people that have touched you over the years.  I feel like we "grew up" together.  She was a friend..we talked of you guys coming up to Maine and I could get a haircut:)  That didn’t happen.

Susan and I shared many things, both losing our mothers at a young age..going through similar medical issues later in life.  She was amazing.  She loved you Joe but I don’t need to tell you that.  She cherished being a mother and did everything she could to become one and then was the best possible.

An unbelievable person.  A caring person.  I always figured I’d just stop in when back in PA to surprise her.  That didn’t come to be and I truly regret that. 

Anna Breinich

I was deeply saddened after returning home from a trip to learn the startling news of Susan’s passing.

Just a few short weeks ago I was awakened out of a vivid dream about her father and mother, where family and many friends were together for a gathering. Instantly, the most precious fond memories of the past times spent with the Andrejev’s flooded my mind. Since my folks, Tony and June Thomas, were very close friends with Eugene and Marguerite (Margie), my brother, Fred, and I were afforded the opportunity to grow up with Sue, Peter and Erik.

From as far back as I can remember Susie and I shared like interests such as playing dolls, throwing jacks, reading books, dancing the limbo, riding bikes, climbing trees, and competing with our brothers in darts, as well as diving for coins in the Andrejev’s crystal clear pool on hot summer days.

I recall numerous wonderful picnics and year-round family activities. One aspect of our youth we kids really enjoyed was entertaining our parents. Together we master-minded and produced our own little shows. What great fun we had creating plays, skits, songs, dances and putting on magic shows. These were not your run-of-the-mill amateur hour. Our productions, following practice sessions, were complete with a bed sheet curtain draped across an archway, music background from our 33 1/3 rpm RCA phonograph player as well as a big cardboard backdrop depicting the evening’s theme, colored with bright Crayola crayons.

And then there was Sue’s resolute and steady side. I have always admired the amazing way she handled her devastating trial and battle with cancer at the tender age of 16. She demonstrated much maturity, dignity and grace, and displayed a real example of strength and courage in the face of potentially crushing adversity.

Even though Sue is no longer with us in her Earthly body, the memory of her honesty, abounding energy, exquisite beauty, unique sense of humor and ability to give to others out of her deep reserve of wisdom will live on in our hearts and minds forever

Heaven’s Gates have opened up to our dear Susie and we who believe will see her again in that Promised Land in Glory where she now dwells for all Eternity.

My deepest condolences to Joe, Galina, Nikolai and Tatiana.

Tina Louise Thomas Alexander

Joe and Family,

This is the 4th time I have sat down and tried to write a note to all of you. Sadly, I did not get to meet your children but they must know the impact that Susan had on so many people. We can all only do our best to "step it up" and try to be as giving as she was in so many parts of her life.  She was an amazing woman, who very few will be able to follow in her footsteps. Although there has been little contact over the past 17 years she was never forgotten and will remain a huge part of who I have become today.  She will be missed by many an appreciated by even more.

Our thoughts and prayers will be with all of you not only now but over the years when you wish she was here with you.

Shylo Unger-Petrie

I just learned of Sue’s death yesterday when I went for a haircut by Sue’s former co-worker. I met Sue 35 years ago AFTER I received a really bad cut, and I immediately walked into the Barber’s (Harrisburg East Mall) and cried HELP.  Sue became my stylist and was professional, kind, and funny. Once she moved her business to Lancaster, I was unable to follow her, but we recently reconnected via Facebook.  Sue loved making people look good, but Sue loved Joe and her family even more. May God Bless and Keep all of Sue’s loved ones during this stressful and confusing time of grief. I will continue to remember her fondly and keep her family in my prayers.
Dot Latin, Harrisburg, PA,

Dear Joe & Family,
   I write today to offer my continuing thoughts and prayers of sympathy. I am so sorry I was unable to visit with you during your time of receiving or be in attendance at the service for Susan. But though distant, I have continually held you in thought and prayer since we first met that Friday morning in the Emergency Room.
   As you continue to journey through the difficult land we call grief, may our Good Shepherd be your guide. May He sustain you as you walk through the valley of every shadow. May His folded hands cover the sorrows of your hearts. May His grace uphold you and sustain you when the journey seems to difficult. And through it all, may His love, the love lived out in Susan’s life now raised up to eternal life, be made known to you; that love through which He seeks you to know that in all ways He is forever with you; He is forever for you.
     May His Peace be your Peace this day and always.
Peace and Grace,
Tim Patterson
Chaplain, Lancaster General Hospital

Dear Joe, 
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you, your children and all of Susan’s extended family.  I am so fortunate to have known Susan.  I will miss her, dearly.

I’m very sorry for your loss. I met her when she opened her shop on Columbia Ave.
She was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I believe that she was so
very special.
Elaine Atwater

Dear Joe,Galina,Tatiana,Nikolai,
I am so very sorry.My prayers are with you all.I knew Susan thru the Beauty Industry and what I remember the most is her kindness.She put a personal touch on everything she did.I will never forget the times she helped me.I know you already know this but she is such a beautiful person inside and out.God Bless you all!!

I never met Susan, but I saw her obituary in the newspaper today and it was so beautifully written and sad at the same time that I actually cut it out as an inspiration and reminder to live each day to the fullest, as it’s evident she did. I am sorry for your loss and that her life was cut so short.

Stephanie (

Dear family,

I am so very sorry for your loss.  I only knew her for a brief time, but I could tell she was a very special person.  I had the privilege of caring for her last year when I admitted her for her pacemaker.  I am so very sorry that despite our efforts, she was taken from you this year.  Please know, as I told you at the hospital, you did everything you could do for her.  You are an amazing family.  Please seek comfort and support in each other, as the coming months especially, will be very difficult.  Always remember, her spirit lives on in you.

Brenda Young
 (nurse practitioner with the heart group)

Dearest Joe and family,

One of my brightest lights that led my life went out when Elle passed and I know the sorrow you feel. But know that love never leaves us and you will be together again as we all will. I am so saddened not to be there to say goodbye and give you my love and support but will stop in upon my return. May you soon be blessed with nothing but lovely memories of the love Elle had for all of you.

Hugs and Love,
Lorraine Ruhl

I met Susan at Elan in the 80’s, when I first met her I thought she was the most beautiful woman– I was just a teenager, and wanted to look like Susan! I remember telling her I want my hair like yours, you are so pretty!  Then when she spoke she was truly the most beautiful person inside and out!!! I moved away but my Mom continued to see Susan so I would hear of all the happenings in her life!  Her life was robbed too short—but she did so much good while here on Earth!  My condolences to Joe and her children, your wife and mother was a remarkable woman who touched so many lives!  I will pray for you in this time of sorrow.  I know she will be looking down on you and keeping her watchful eye over you.  She is at peace in heaven with her family now.

Amber Rice

Joe and Family,

Susan was a wonderful person, we all loved her ..My children finally trusted someone to do their hair!

Susan had a wonderful heart and she truly impacted my African Bag ministry by selling them in her Salon…the women of Zambia are grateful and so sad at her passing.

My heart is with you and i wish i could be there on Tuesday, i leave for Africa today.

God Bless,
Pati Frey
Andrew and Molly Frey and my mom Peggy Going

Dear Joe,Nik,Tatiana and Galina,

I feel so blessed to have known Susan.  She has been part of our family for 20 years.  She was part of our family.  The boys would always look forward to going to see Susan and catching up on what the kids were doing.  Susan and I spent many hours figuring out issues in our lives in which we had very similar views.  Not only did I leave the salon looking awesome, but emotionally satisfied.  She was such a positive energy and always spoke so proudly about her family.  Thinking of Susan just brings a smile to my face.  She always had a smile.  I loved Susan like a sister and will miss her dearly.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Renae,Lorin,Elliott,Mitchell and Owen Hirsch.XXXOOO

Joe and family

I will always remember Susan’s laugh and beautiful smile. I am so  lucky to know her , thorough Lynn and John, and have shared many fun moments with you and Susan. Susan’s talents brought me much happiness. I send you my love and hopes that thoughts of her smile and laugh will help you at this time.

Cathy Curley

Joe and Family….

I am very deeply sorry for the passing of your beautiful wife and the mother of your children.  Susan was a very caring passionate women.  I enjoyed the short time I had known her and meeting you Joe as well.

I met Susan and Crystal together starting their first Hair Salon and watched both of them become very successful. Both taken away from this world much too soon.

I had the opportunity to visit with her Wed morning briefly and she looked just as beautiful as ever.

My prayers are will you all.
Teresa Madonna

My deepest sympathy to the family of Susan. I knew Susan from her business. She was a beautiful person inside and out. Susan had a way of making me feel special every time she cut my hair. She will be missed.

Gina Keener

How does one begin to write of the enormity of such a loss as we’re experiencing? "Lancaster lost one of its most remarkable individuals…" certainly is apt, but does not, can not, begin to capture the deep, heart-sorrow we are experiencing in losing such a Dear One as Susan Andrejev.

Resourceful? Always. Insightful? Absolutely. Optimistic? Unerringly. Beautiful? Certainly. Courageous? Determinedly. Light-filled? Unquestionably. Loving? It is this quality, this Divine quality, which Susan abundantly possessed, revealing to us all how Susan related to family, friends, strangers, community, the world-at-large & beyond. Susan stared down fears, both large & small, innumerable times. For that alone I would be in her debt as an authentic example of how to live one’s life, however, it is in her rich, her innate, loving I’ll remember Susan most. I’m sure I am not alone… Much love & prayers to Joe, Nik & Tatiana, and to the Hoffard, Andrejev families….


Words can’t really express the sense of shock and loss we feel right now.What a great beauty Sue was,both inside and out. The new salon was such a great place to be,Sue and I both enjoyed going there,I enjoyed just watching my Sue get her hair cut and talking and catching up on the kids. You guys worked so hard to make the salon a welcoming place and it truly was.We will both miss her terrific laugh and lovely voice for the rest of our lives,the world is an emptier place without her.

Love you all
Tim and Sue Harper

Susan brought a beautiful light into this world, and we were all blessed to stand near that light and be warmed by its glow.

claire giblin

Dear Joe,Nik,Tatiana and Galina,  Susan was a loving, caring, optimistic, positive, happy, enlightening, knowledgeable, spiritual, beautiful inside and out woman.  I love her like a sister.  Always looking forward to our "therapy" sessions as well as looking awesome when I left.  She was so talented and had a great eye for design.  The boys loved to come see Susan once a month and catch up on the kids and what they were into. She always spoke so positive and proudly of her family.  The loss of her enlightening smile will leave a huge void in my heart. I feel very blessed to have had her in my life for 20 years. Please let me know if I can help the family in any way. 
 With sincerity and love. 
Renae,Lorin,Elliott,Mitchell and Owen Hirsch.

Dear Joe and family,

Words are not enough to show my sorrow of losing such a wonderful, wonderful person. I, too, loved her like a sister. She and I always told each other like it was, sometimes I needed that! I trusted her more than many people in my life. Susan was so happy in life, sincerely loved you Joe and the children. She said her life was blessed, and she blessed our life’s as well. This saying reminds me of Susan so much:  "life is not about how many breathes we take, but the ones that take our breath away". I will miss my sister very much.

All my love to Joe, niki, Tati and galina.


Joe,Nik, Tatiana and Galina,

It is so difficult to find that words to express our deep sorrow with Sue’s passing. Our hearts are so deeply saddened as Sue had a way of weaving herself into them from the first time that we met her. Sue and Joe were the first friends that we made when we moved to Lancaster and they helped us to make it our home. Sue was there to celebrate our greatest joys and support us through life’s challenges. Sue had a way of always looking at the world with optimism and seeing the best in every person and situation. We will forever treasure our times spent in the kitchen and around the table with our dinner club. Although many miles separate us now, we are sending love and prayers for Sue, Joe, Erik, Peter and families.

With love,
John, LynnMarie, Alex, and Regina Verzino

I’m so saddened to learn of the untimely death of Susan. I’ve known her approximately 50 years upon marrying into the family.  Indeed, Susan was a very special, talented, and insightful individual.  She possessed an innate quality of life which exuded with all her relationships.

After moving to AZ 8 1/2 years ago, I really missed her as my hairdresser.  But upon returning to PA twice a year, I’d be sure to see Sue for the best hair cut I’ve ever had.  Her new salon represented Sue’s dreams, desires and design.  I always felt welcomed and could relate well with her.

My thoughts and prayers are with Joe,Nik,Tatiana and Galina and may God grant them the strength and courage while they process and mourn their loss of a beautiful wife and mother.

My heartfelt condolence,
Diana Lohr

Susan was such a kind and giving person I will always remember Her vibrant spirit and how willing she was to lend a hand God has a great  gift beside him my prayers and blessings To your family to help you through the loss of a beautiful mother and wife.

God bless you
Tamara Hyson

Susan, remember our big ole laughs while we caught up each time I sat in your chair? Susan, remember the texturizing shears were found in the outside flower pot? Susan, remember how you eased me through my own health trouble? Susan, remember sharing your wishes and dreams to have children, then you did? Susan, remember telling me all about the books you read? Susan, remember how fondly you spoke of Joe almost everytime? Susan, here’s one of your big ***hugs*** back. Susan, you are well-loved.

Karen Mastropietro

Susan was a beautiful person both inside and out. For 25 years I have been honored to call her my good friend. Through the years we have shared so many things, and I will miss her wisdom. She brought happiness to everyone who was fortunate enough to spend time with her. She will be greatly missed.

I know how much she loved you, Joe, and her children. She was so proud of all of you. She will always be looking down at you, sending her love. My prayers are with you all.

Sandy Brill

Joe, Nik, Tatiana and Galina,

The news of the sudden passing of Susan this past Thursday was very sad to hear. Her beauty and soul shone so very brightly in this world.  Her many qualities/gifts were seen in the love of her family, in the excellence in her work, and in her ever-present smile. We were so blessed to have known her. We are confident that her unique energy is still with us, even though her physical presence no longer is.

Every moment of our life is an opportunity to live with love, patience and compassion from our own inner light.  The richness and generosity with which Susan lived her life most certainly illuminated us with the gift of her own divine light.

Briala, Ignacio and Xander

Joe, Nik, Tatiana, & Galina,

I had the extreme pleasure of knowing Susan for 8 1/2 years.  She was the only hairdresser that I let cut my hair in that time.  I looked forward to seeing Susan every month and hearing all about her plans, goals and family.  Hearing of Susan’s passing has been so hard to accept because Susan was always such a ray of sunshine and so full of energy.  I never saw her in a bad mood and she always had a positive way of looking at things.  She not only took care of my hair but also my children’s hair and she always made them feel like she was extremely interested in what was happening in their lives.

I’m so sorry for your loss because I know that she was a vital part in the happiness of your family.  She was always so proud of her children and spoke of you a lot.

The new salon was beautiful and I was so proud of Susan for realizing her goals and dreams.  I know she had a lot more that she wanted to do, but I also know that she loved her life and her family and didn’t take a day for granted.  She was one of the most beautiful and unselfish people that I knew.

I’ll miss her smile, her laughter and her hugs.

With love,
Tracy Lennox

Dear Joe and family,

Susan made this world a better place. We have been blessed to have had her in our lives.

Patty and Doug Webb

Our prayers go out to each and every one of you.   Even when years could pass until we would run into each other, there was never an issue to be able to pickup just where we left off.  Great friendships are like that.  Susan will truly be missed by all of us.

Scott and Jill Smith

How can an email condolence express the sense of loss we all feel at this moment.  Since High School, Sue has been a part of my life. Always with her infectious, thoatie laugh – that wide bright smile.  The enrichment to my life for having known her is boundless. Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole family both now and in the days to come.


Joe,Nik, Tatiana,(pippy)and Galina,

Its hard for me to put into  words what I’m  feeling right now.I will never forget the day I met Susan.I met her at  the shop on Lime St. She showed up with Nik on her  hip and her hair  pulled back and a ball cap on her head.I was thinking, Is she a beautician!!! She doesn’t seem like one,anyway we clicked on  the  very  first meeting and I’ve been friends with her ever since.(1998)We were able to be friends even though I was employed by her. We have been there for each other thru  good times and bad,And Susan probably  doesn’t know how much of an inspiration  she has been to me.She certainly was never down,always positive always moving forward.She never let the grass grow under her  feet,thats for sure.I’m a yr older than her but I always  felt like she was older than me because she seemed so wise.She was a most beautiful woman inside and out.What an INSPIRATION TO SO MANY PEOPLE.


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