Being family-owned makes a difference

Family-owned. Personal relationships. Community-minded.

At Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home, we think these things mean something. We seek them out in the small businesses we support, and we expect that our Lancaster County neighbors do too.

Our first funeral home was opened over 75 years ago by Charles F. Snyder Sr. That funeral home in downtown Lancaster, as well as our Lititz Pike and Millersville funeral homes, continues to be family-owned and family-operated to this day. That is a rare thing in the funeral home industry, as more and more family and independently-owned homes are being bought and operated by large national funeral home providers. Being family owned means we are accountable to our customers, and that they have a direct connection to the ownership.

When ownership is lost, so are the connections to the principles and values of the founder; principles that we believe in deeply. We are mindful that we will build a reputation through each and every family we serve, and believe that success is measured by earning their trust during their time of need. We strive to do so every day through our core principles:

  1. Our staff is our most valuable asset
    Families often come in contact with our staff during very difficult times. It is not enough that our staff be highly trained and proficient in organizing services. They must first be caring and compassionate, and be good listeners. They must experience family stories and interpret their emotions. We feel that delivering excellent service depends on how we are able to support a family and represent their own values in the customized funeral services we create.
  2. Price will not determine quality
    We create meaningful and special funeral services at many different price points. We feel it is important to work with families in a way that honors their loved one without causing undue financial burden. Our staff will always deliver the same level of care, concern and dedication to our funeral services, regardless of their budget.
  3. Respect diversity
    We believe all races, nationalities, cultures and religious faiths are equally valuable, regardless of their similarity or familiarity to our individual experiences, beliefs or values. We deliver all our services in a spirit of equality and respect.
  4. Invest in your community
    We emphasize community involvement on the part of ourselves and our staff members. We support involvement in their churches, neighborhood organizations and charities through flexible work schedules, event sponsorships and donated services.

These core principles are important to the success of our business. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we will make it right or you will not be charged for that service.