Meet our Lancaster, PA licensed funeral directors.

There is always a licensed funeral director available to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our staff of dedicated professionals takes their work very seriously. They understand that they are involved in a significant event for the families they serve, and strive to ease the burden during a difficult time. Equally as important to them is creating a service that is reflective of the deceased and the life they lived.

Our funeral directors believe that there is no such thing as a typical funeral. Each one needs to be uniquely created for the individual being memorialized.

When you come to Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home, we take time getting to know you and your family. We thought you should know a little bit about us as well.

The Snyder Family

Charles F. “Chad” Snyder III

Owner/Licensed Funeral Director

Charles F. “Chip” Snyder Jr.

Owner/Licensed Funeral Director

Doreen Vlassis Snyder

Sue Snyder Bleacher

In Loving Memory
July 25, 1954 – February 18, 2020

Kathy Snyder Guidos

Monument & Bronze Sales

Lee Shand Snyder

Chief Marketing Officer

Licensed Funeral Directors

Mark Burkholder

Licensed Funeral Director & Supervisor

Norm Mable

Licensed Funeral Director & Supervisor Bachman Snyder Funeral Home
Crematory Manager

John Kenderdine

Licensed Funeral Director
Managing Director

Justin Koehler

Licensed Funeral Director

Summer Gonder

Licensed Funeral Director

Sharon George

Licensed Funeral Director

Tabitha Lindsay

Licensed Funeral Director

Holly Stavarski

Licensed Funeral Director

Chris Heisey

Licensed Funeral Director

Candice Riley

Licensed Funeral Director

Eve Lesperance

Licensed Funeral Director

David Weitzel

Licensed Funeral Director

Jasmin Lugo

Funeral Director Liaison

Jasmeng Lo

Mortuary Student & Funeral Director Liaison


Jackie Adamson

Preplanning Funeral Director

Kelly Gramola Townsend

Preplanning Funeral Director

Erin Patrick

Preneed Coordinator


Mimi Gundel

Support Staff & Outreach

Alex Snyder

Funeral Live Stream & Recorder


Mark Thiboldeaux

Snyder Funeral Homes Chaplain / Support Staff


Pam McCauley

Office Manager, Lancaster

Zarita Herasme

Hispanic Liaison & Ambassador

Jody O’Neal

After Care Coordinator

Sherry Meyerhoffer

Office Manager, Lititz Pike

Denise Ronan

Administrative Support

Tracey Savage

Spacht-Snyder Funeral Home

John Lewis

Bachman Snyder Funeral Home
Administrative Support

Daliah Ferko

Administrative Lead

Bill Grager

Bachman Snyder Funeral Home Administrative Support

Kathy Hall

Spacht-Snyder Funeral Home Receptionist

Beth Keown

Heritage Monuments Administrative Assistant

Bethany Krauss

Funeral Insurance Claims Specialist

Rhonda Sheffy

Administrative Assistant

Mckenzie Szabo

Administrative Support & Funeral Stationery Specialist


Dolly Bankert

Finance Manager

Sherry Anderson

Accounting Support


Paul Reynolds

Crematory Technician

Marc Delacruz

Crematory Technician

Fred Gerfin

Crematory Technician

Funeral Service Support

Nick Ulmer

Funeral Service Support Specialist

Transfer Staff

Mike Sapone

Transfer Escort
Funeral Service Support

Talisa Wright

Transfer Escort & Mortuary Student


Ben Kremer

Facilities & Fleet Director

Mike Salm

Grounds Maintenance

Mike Gallagher

Grounds Maintenance

Ron McVey

Grounds Maintenance