Meet our Lancaster, PA licensed funeral directors.

There is always a licensed funeral director available to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our staff of dedicated professionals takes their work very seriously. They understand that they are involved in a significant event for the families they serve, and strive to ease the burden during a difficult time. Equally as important to them is creating a service that is reflective of the deceased and the life they lived.

Our funeral directors believe that there is no such thing as a typical funeral. Each one needs to be uniquely created for the individual being memorialized.

When you come to Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home, we take time getting to know you and your family. We thought you should know a little bit about us as well.

Charles “Chip” Snyder, Jr.
resides in Lititz
Chip Snyder, Owner of Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home
I’m saddened when I hear stories of families who were unable to have the funeral service they wished because the funeral home they worked with was either unwilling or unable to accommodate them. One of the greatest parts of my job is being able to meet families’ needs and desires, and ensuring a memorable experience for them.

One service that was meaningful to me involved a young teenager who died suddenly. Part of his heritage was Native American Indian. The family requested after the evening viewing that they return to the funeral home at 3 a.m. to perform a Native American drum and chanting ritual. Saying yes without hesitation, my son Chad and I returned at 2:30 a.m. to receive those that would be involved. They arrived in traditional Native American dress with a large drum and some prairie grass.

They played the drum, chanted, and purified everyone with smoke from the smoldering prairie grass (no burning flame was involved) as was their Indian ritual. It was a beautiful ceremony.

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A native of Lancaster, PA, Chip Snyder graduated from Lancaster Catholic High School in 1970, and from Northland College in 1974 with a B.S. in Business Administration. Immediately after graduating from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science in 1975, Chip began working in the family business. He became the owner of the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home in 1988, which he expanded by purchasing the Richard Bair Funeral Home in Millersville in 1989, and by opening a new facility on the Lititz Pike in 2000. Chip is also a partner in the Heritage Estate Group Monument Company in Lancaster County.

Chip is a member of St. John Neumann Catholic Church and attends the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation with his wife, Doreen. His memberships include the National Funeral Directors Association, Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association, Lancaster County Funeral Directors Association (past president), Knights of Columbus Council #867, 4th Degree Knights of Columbus Santa Maria Assembly, Ahepa Red Rose Chapter 71, Lancaster Sertoma Club, Lancaster Leiderkranz, BPOE #134, Travelers Protective Association, Bent Creek Country Club, and the Hamilton Club. Chip is currently on the Board of Directors of SHARE of Lancaster, National Council of Community Justice, and Woodward Hills Cemetery.

His hobbies include golf, fishing, skiing and gardening. He enjoys watching all sports, and formerly played ice hockey, coached the Lancaster Firebirds Travel Team, and coached soccer for St. Anne’s School.

Chip and his wife, Doreen, reside in Manheim Township.

Charles “Chad” Snyder, III
resides in Downtown Lancaster
Chad Snyder
I joined our family business as the third generation Snyder after realizing how my father and grandfather had committed to serving families in our community. I wanted to continue our family legacy by serving our neighbors just like they had. I love being a member of a family business and working to help families in Lancaster County.

I enjoy working with my father tremendously and I am ever grateful for the responsibility he has entrusted to me. We have a great working relationship, but at the same time we have a father/son relationship. He has provided me the education and training needed to succeed in the funeral service profession, and I am thankful for his guidance and patience as I continue to learn and grow in our ever-changing world.

My father taught me, as his father taught him, to operate our family business following the simple principle of the Golden Rule; do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

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Chad is a proud native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and is the third generation in the family business. He is the grandson of the founder, Charles F. “Charlie” Snyder, Sr. and has worked along side his father since becoming a young adult.

Chad attended Lancaster Catholic High School for his first two years of high school, where he played varsity golf, ice hockey, and tennis. He then attended South Kent Preparatory School, South Kent, CT, graduating in 2000. Chad then graduated college from Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Management in 2004.

He joined the family business in 2004 and began working full time under the guidance of his father, Chip. He completed Mortuary School from Northampton, Bethlehem, PA in 2006, and served his apprenticeship with the Boyd/Horrox Funeral Home of Norristown, PA. Chad completed his apprenticeship at his family’s funeral home in 2007 and received his Funeral Director License in the state of Pennsylvania in 2008. Chad is currently the General Manager of the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes & Crematory, located on Lititz Pike.

Chad is a parishioner of the Historic St. Mary’s Church and also The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. He is proud to carry on both his father’s religious background as well as his Mother’s Greek heritage. Knowing the importance of community, Chad loves living in downtown Lancaster.

Chad is member of the Knights of Columbus council #867 as a 3rd Degree Knight. He is a member of the Lancaster County Historical Society and has been influential in the Historic East Side and East King Improvement District “EKID” areas of the city. Chad is a 3rd generation member of the Lancaster Elk’s Lodge #134, he is also a 3rd generation member of the Order of the AHEPA Red Rose Chapter, a board member of the Demuth Museum on East King Street, Committee Member with Lancaster General Hospital, Hospice of Lancaster County, and the Central Market.

Chad is an avid golfer, skier, squash player, and surfer. He loves the beach, mountains, and any outdoor activity.

Norm Mable
resides in Lampeter Strasburg
Lancaster Funeral Director Norm Mable
A number of years ago I had the honor of assisting a family in taking care of their daughter who died as a teenager from a congenital disorder. They previously lost another child from the same congenital disorder.

A devout Christian family, they knew The Lord held their children in His arms. Although extremely saddened by their earthly loss, the remaining family — consisting of the father, mother and two brothers — had strength and peace in knowing that this was a new beginning for the young girl. The child passed away in the parlor of their home on the family farm.

We held an evening viewing, as well as a second viewing and funeral the following day at their church. Out of the blue at the end of the first evening’s viewing, the parents asked if I could take their daughter back to their farm house to stay one last night with the family. Without any hesitation I said yes and drove her to the house and placed her, in the casket, in the same parlor from where I took her into my care a few days earlier.

The next morning after the family had breakfast I returned to the home for the child and took her to church for the funeral and burial. My quick acceptance of their spur of the moment request meant a great deal to the family, and the gratitude they expressed touched me tremendously.

Being able to fulfill unique requests from the families that I am walking alongside during their time of loss makes that walk very rewarding for me.

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Norm joined the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home in August of 2009 after 22 years of funeral service in Lancaster County. He graduated from Columbia High School in 1981, and served in the U. S. Coast Guard from 1984 to 1988. Norm graduated from Harrisburg Area Community College in 1989 and the Funeral Service Education Program at Northampton Community College in 1991. He earned his funeral director’s license in 1992 and his life insurance license in 1995, enabling him to provide pre-need burial insurance to the families he serves.

A past president of both the Lancaster County Funeral Directors Association and Paradise Township Lions Club, Norm is a member of Wesley United Methodist Church, where he serves on the memorial garden committee. An outdoorsman, he is a member of Strasburg Sportsman’s Association and Bear Tree Camp in Tioga County. Norm’s interests include home repair and remodeling, hiking and hunting in Tioga County, target shooting, jet skiing on the Susquehanna River and at Avalon, NJ, and Formula 1 and vintage auto racing.

He and his wife, Deb, and their sons, Travis and Derek, live in West Lampeter Township.

Kelly Townsend
resides West Lampeter
Lancaster Funeral Director Kelly Townsend
Once when serving an elderly woman who lost her husband after more than 60 years of marriage, I asked what type of services she would like. She responded that she wanted to have one more date with her husband … a request that I never had before but was honored to be able to be a part of.

The room was set with candles and swing music softly playing in the background as this loving wife sat and held her husband’s hand and had her last “farewell date”… just the two of them.

Being involved in this important event was such a gift to me, and it reminds me why I choose to serve as a funeral director.

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Kelly is a graduate of Lancaster Catholic High School and the Funeral Service Education Program at Northampton Community College where she earned their “funeral service student of the year” award. Kelly began working in the offices of the Charles F Snyder Funeral Home in 2001. She served her internship with the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home, and received her Funeral Director’s license in July of 2006.

Kelly is a member of St. Anne’s Catholic Church where she is a Eucharistic Minister and a committee member on the St. Vincent de Paul Society. She lives in Lancaster with her husband, Justin, daughters, Emma and Caroline, and their dogs, Trixie and Tallie.

Mark Burkholder
resides in Manheim Township
Lancaster Funeral Director Mark Burkholder
Several years ago, I was helping a family whose father — a World War II veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne — passed away. The family told me many stories about his wartime experiences and it became quite evident that his military service had been a great point of pride for not only their dad, but them as well.

Unfortunately they could no longer find his medals or his uniform, which they would have liked to display at his service. The day before the service I brought in from my own collection of military items all the medals which he had been awarded, as well as my vintage 82nd Airborne jump jacket and helmet. I placed the medals in a frame next to the casket and the jacket and helmet on a mannequin form I had.

When they entered the room, they all swung around in disbelief, asking where all this had come from. I told them that after seeing the expressions on their faces as they recounted stories of their dad, I felt compelled to fill that void for them. The next day I heard the family point me out to people several times as the individual who provided the memorabilia.

It cost me nothing, it meant a great deal to them, and I knew I had brought a little light to an otherwise sad time for them.

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A native of Wyomissing, Berks County, Mark graduated in 1989 from Bloomsburg University and in 1990 from the Funeral Service Education Program at Northampton Community College. Mark joined the staff of the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes in 1989, became a licensed funeral director in 1990 and has served as the Supervisor of the Millersville facility since 1995.

Mark is a member of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Neffsville, where he serves as a lector, usher, greeter, audio/visual aide, on the church cemetery board and formerly on church council. A 32nd Degree Mason, he is a member of the Charles M. Howell Lodge 496 of Millersville, the Lancaster Lodge of Perfection, and the Harrisburg Consistory.

Mark was an assistant varsity boys lacrosse coach at Manheim Township High School from 2006 to 2012, and had previously served in that same position at Hempfield High School from 1998 to 2004. He also plays ice hockey in local adult leagues.

He is an avid military history buff and collector of World War II memorabilia, participating in WWII living history presentations for local events and schools. Mark and his wife Melanie, a Lititz native, reside in Manheim Township with their two children Hilary and Mitchell, and their American Pitbull Terrier Ramsey.

John Kenderdine
resides in Lititz Borough
Lancaster Funeral Director John Kenderdine
I have dedicated my life to serving others. I approach my work at the funeral home as a ministry rather than a job. Since coming to Charles F. Snyder’s, I have had many occasions to help families who are at their lowest ebb and in need of comfort and encouragement.

Recently, while helping with a removal of a gentleman’s remains at his residence, I enjoyed listening to the stories his wife told of him as we looked out the bedroom window over their backyard which included a beautiful creek running through it. She explained that her husband would sit for hours during his illness and admire the beauty of nature from his bed. The scene reminded me of Psalm 23 where the psalmist says, “He leadeth me beside the still waters.” His obituary mentioned that he was a shepherd for a period of time and lived his life by Psalm 23.

I immediately thought of a book entitled, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Philip Keller and ordered a copy of the book for his wife and personally delivered it to her home. I was greeted with a big hug and smile. She was so grateful for the book. It filled my heart with great joy to know how much we were appreciated by this family. Times like this make funeral directing a wonderful experience for me personally and I will never forget this family and the blessing they were to me.

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John is a native Pennsylvanian, growing up in Newtown, Bucks County. He graduated from high school in 1981 and later received his theological degree from a small Baptist college in Indiana. After serving or nine years as an assistant pastor in Philadelphia, John moved to Cambodia to begin a seven-year term as a missionary. Following an accident in Cambodia that claimed his first wife, John remarried and is now pursuing a second career as a funeral director. He graduated from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science’s online program in 2013 and served his internship in 2014, and has been licensed as a funeral director since 2015. John is grateful for the opportunity he has been given to work as a funeral director at Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home and Crematory.

John and his wife Sherry, reside in Lititz, and are the parents of three grown children. They are both active members of Bible Baptist Church of Leola, where John is treasurer, sings in the church’s choir and small men’s group and leads the church’s nursing home ministry at Conestoga View Nursing Home in Lancaster.

Justin Koehler
resides in Columbia
Lancaster Funeral Director Justin Koehler
One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had as a funeral director occurred when serving a family at our Lititz Pike chapel. The son of the deceased was a good friend of mine from high school.

When I went to the house to transfer his mom to our funeral home, he was so relieved to see that I was going to be taking care of his mother that he broke down in tears. I took special care in making sure that every detail of the memorial service was addressed and that the son could completely focus on his family.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to help a friend and his family in a time of need.

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Justin is a life-long resident of Lancaster County, PA. He graduated from Hempfield High School in 1999. After completing his general courses at HACC, he went on to attend Northampton Area Community College in Bethlehem, PA where he received his Associates Degree in Applied Sciences from the Funeral Service Education Program. After completing his internship with the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes & Crematory, he became a licensed funeral director in 2012.

Justin resides in Millersville and enjoys being an active member in the community. He is a member of the Columbia-Middletown Elks Lodge #1074. In his spare time he enjoys going to Central Market in Lancaster, playing golf, spending time with family and friends, and watching sports.

Tabitha (Huff) Lindsay
resides in Elizabethtown
Lancaster Funeral Director Tabitha Huff
A daughter and son, the same age as me, lost both of their parents within months of each other. After losing his wife to cancer, the father became ill and died himself soon thereafter.

During one of our conversations while planning the funeral, the family shared a story of how close their parents were. They had been together since they were 14 years old. They married, but within 2 years they divorced each other. However, whenever one would go out the other would make a point to be there and make an appearance.

The couple later remarried and had a strong relationship with each other.

For the funeral services, I encouraged the daughter and son to bring photos of both of their parents pictured together because of how close their relationship was with each other. I also suggested that they bring the memorial candle that was used at their mother’s funeral to the father’s services to be placed with his.

I hoped that using both candles together would bring them some small comfort.

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Tabitha (Huff) Lindsay is a former resident of Manheim and currently lives in Elizabethtown with her husband and soul-mate, Branden, and their three American Pitbull Terriers Bugatti, Natalya & Hera. She loves spending time with her horses Romeo, Jester and Ginger, and going trail riding. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as horseback riding, snowboarding, hiking and live musical entertainment.

She is a 2002 graduate from Manheim Central High School. She played field hockey for six years. In January 2007, she graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Kaplan, Harrisburg. She completed an internship with the Dauphin County Coroner’s Office.

In January 2008, Tabitha graduated from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, Pittsburgh, were she studied to be a licensed funeral director and embalmer. She also received an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Business. After graduating Mortuary School, Tabitha moved to Glen Burnie, MD to complete her apprenticeship for Funeral Directing. She lived and worked there for two years at a local funeral home.

Tabitha has been a licensed funeral director since September 2009.

Jackie Adamson
resides in Lititz Borough
Lancaster Funeral Director Jackie Adamsom
As a pre-planning director, the times that help reinforce the importance of my position are when families express gratitude at the time of or shortly after the funeral. Families often convey their gratitude for the relief of decision making and financial burden.

Many people tell me the most difficult step to pre-planning was finally deciding to set aside the time to schedule their visit.

I am truly passionate about my job because I know I am not only helping my clients but their families, too.

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Jackie is a 1997 graduate of the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, and has been with the Charles F. Snyder Funeral home team since 1997. In 2002, Jackie became a Board Member of the Lancaster County Funeral Director’s Association, and in 2004 became the President of the Association. She was also vice-president of the former Lancaster County Senior Resource Group. She consistently receives the Outstanding Achievement in Service to Families Award, and is the recipient of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Leadership Award.

A Lititz Boro resident, Jackie enjoys spending time with her family which includes her husband Ed, son Jacob, daughter Norah and their Bernese mountain dog Max. Originally from Western Pa, she is a passionate Pittsburgh spots fan. Since moving to Lancaster County in 1997, Jackie has enjoyed everything the area has to offer.

Sharon George
resides in Millersville, PA
Becoming a Funeral Director has been a life-long calling for me, and I feel extremely fortunate that I was able to pursue that calling as a second career. I consider it such an honor and privilege to be able to serve each family that I come in contact with.

While making arrangements with an elderly woman for her husband of 65 years, along with her children, it quickly became evident that dementia was setting in for her. Throughout the time we spent together, she repeatedly told me a story that clearly stood out for her, and that was because of her husband’s commitment to the community, he not only had been a founding and lifetime member of their township fire department, but had pledged the family farm as collateral for a mortgage to build it’s original building; a fact she was none too happy about when she found out about it, but fortunately all worked out in the end. The day of the funeral, with the township fire engine leading the hearse to his final resting place, we wound around the back country roads to drive by that same family farm, and we stopped in front of the homestead while the fire engine blew the siren as a last call for its dedicated member. It was a fitting final tribute for a man who had dedicated so much of his life to his community, and even as her memory faded, I knew his wife recognized the sound of that siren that day, and his family was so grateful.

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A native of Carbon County, PA, Sharon graduated from Palmerton Area High School in 1978. After more than 30 years of working for a local attorney in Probate and Estate Administration, and losing her husband to cancer in 2006, she returned to college, graduated with honors and received her Associate’s Degree in Funeral Service Education from Northampton Community College in December, 2012. After serving her internship with the Scanlin Funeral Home in Bucks County, she became a licensed Funeral Director, and also received her pre-need insurance license in January, 2014.

Sharon is the mother of two adult children, Angela in Effort and Randy in Philadelphia, and has been blessed with three beautiful grandsons, Trevor, Trent and Trey. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and being outdoors walking, biking, and paddle boarding.

Summer Gonder
resides in Lancaster
I had the honor of working with a woman who lost her sister.  We shopped until we found the perfect dress, robin egg blue, girly but not to frilly and painted her nails the exact shade of pink.

We surprised her and had the last photo she and her sister had taken together framed at the funeral.  She only had the photo electronically so she was thrilled to have this waiting for her when she arrived.  All the details that we took great care in doing help reassure her that she was in the best care.

I think if we can help ease someone’s mind and bring some comfort to a family that has lost a loved one, then we are doing exactly what needs to be done.

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Summer Lynn is a native Pennsylvanian, growing up in Pittsburgh.  She currently lives in Lancaster with her boyfriend and their puppy.  In her free time, she loves cooking, hiking, camping and reading. She also enjoys going to market and making Sunday dinner for family.

She is a graduate of Pittsburgh Mortuary Institute, where she was a ​​NFDA Heritage scholarship recipient.  Summer served her internship in Pittsburgh and completed it with Charles F Snyder Funeral Home and Crematory where she received her Funeral Director license.

Candice Riley
resides in Manheim Township
I recently assisted a young family that unexpectedly lost the father very suddenly. While meeting with the family, they asked if certain things could be accomplished for the service. My promise to them was that I would do any and everything possible to honor his legacy.

After learning more about the family dynamic, I made sure to surprise his children and wife with special keepsakes, just as he would have if he were still with them. With small touches of some of his most treasured things displayed and some of his favorite songs played, it made his service memorable to all those in attendance.

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Candice is a native of Lancaster County. Born and raised in Lancaster she is the youngest of 7 children. She resides in Manheim Township with her husband Josh, daughter Daenerys, and dogs, Ash and Gage.

She is a graduate of Manheim Township High School. After high school she attended Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts in York, PA and received her associates degree in Specialized Technology (Graphic Design). After a few years in the print industry she decided to follow her heart and begin mortuary school. She is currently attending Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a funeral director. Candice started with Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home & Crematory in March 2017 to learn as much as she could about the funeral industry.

In their free time, you can find the Riley’s attending local events in and around Lancaster, doing DIY projects around their home or visiting extended family.

Holly Stavarski
resides in Ephrata
Since beginning my career here at Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home and Crematory, I have had the honor to work with so many families that have touched my heart.
Recently I worked with a family who had lost their beloved husband and father. Earlier this year, that same man came to us when both his mother and father died only a month apart. Many of us had the pleasure of serving him in his time of need and were deeply saddened by the loss of such a caring man. Unfortunately, time was not on our side as we scheduled his burial at Indiantown Gap a few days later. We were on a tight schedule, but instead of starting the public visitation on time, I asked the coming visitors to get comfortable in the lobby to give the family a few additional minutes of privacy. Those extra moments made all the difference.
On such an overwhelming day, it was important to me to give them some time to relax and be together as a family. They were so grateful to have that opportunity to be with him, even if just for a little while. I will truly never forget their kindness and gratitude.
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Holly is a Lititz native that graduated from Warwick High School in 2012. After graduating, she moved to Pittsburgh and completed her Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh in 2016. While attending Pitt, Holly interned at the Allegheny County Office of the Medical Examiner and discovered her passion for funeral service. She attended Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and graduated in 2017 with a degree in Specialized Technology and Funeral Sciences.

Holly returned to Lancaster and completed her internship at Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home. Now, as a Licensed Funeral Director, she is honored to have the opportunity to serve the community that she was raised in.

Holly resides in Manheim with her boyfriend and her two rescue cats, One Eye and IHOP. In her free time, she enjoys writing, attending comedy shows, and spending time with her friends and family.

Samantha Dingley
resides in Willow Street
Sam is a native of Montgomery County PA who graduated from Perkiomen Valley High School in 2015. After graduating she moved to Bethlehem to complete her associate’s degree in Funeral Service Education at Northampton Community College graduating in May, 2018. She just recently completed her 1-year apprenticeship at Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home and Crematory, and is now a licensed funeral director.

Sam resides in Willow Street. In her free time, she enjoys writing, playing video games, camping, and spending time with her two cats Lemon and Minerva. Since moving to Willow Street in May, 2018 she enjoys exploring all the restaurants, bars, and parks that Lancaster County has to offer.

Pam McCauley
Works out of Lancaster, King St.
Office Manager, Service Specialist and Death Certificate Clerk

Dolly Bankert
Works out of Lancaster, King St.
Senior Accountant / Financial Manager

Jody O’Neal
Works out of Lititz Pike
Aftercare Coordinator

Barb Shifler
Works out of Lititz Borough, Spacht-Snyder
Receptionist and Service Attendant

Tracey Savage
Works out of Lititz Borough, Spacht-Snyder

Tracey Savage

Sue Snyder Bleacher
Works out of Millersville, Heritage Estate Monuments
Monuments and Bronze Markers

Mary Ann Tragesser
Aftercare and Service Attendant

Josie Rice
Works out of Lititz Pike

Doreen Vlassis Snyder
Service Specialist, Vice President

Sherry Bonnie
Works out of Lititz Pike

Ashley Smith Myers
Leadership Support

Eva Boomer
Works out of Lititz Pike