Anatomical Gifting Services

There are many anatomical gifting package options which are customizable and designed to meet each family’s specific needs:

Anatomical Donation with Private Family Goodbye
In addition to all of the services provided in the simple and identification anatomical service package, your loved one will be prepared by our staff for a private family goodbye for up to two hours at our facility

Anatomical Donation with Identification
In addition to all of the services provided in the simple anatomical service package, one certified death certificate will be provided, an online memorial tribute and submission of an obituary to the paper will be provided, and identification of your loved one for up to six persons at our facility

Simple Anatomical Services
This package provides the basic services of the funeral director and staff, transportation to the funeral home, refrigeration, service vehicle, and transportation to a medical center within a 50-mile radius

We work with the following organizations:
Humanity Gifts Registry
Gift of Life Donor Program
Anatomy Gifts Registry

Why Choose Anatomical Donation?

Body donation through the Humanity Gifts Registry program is an alternative to the traditional funeral or cremation. The Humanity Gifts Registry is a non-profit agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania concerned primarily with the receipt and distribution of bodies donated to all medical and dental schools in the state for teaching purposes.

Body donation is imperative for the advancement of:
+ Medical & surgical training
+ Instrument & medical device development
+ Anatomy education
+ Disease diagnosis & treatments

Can I Still Be an Organ Donor?
The registry can accept a body after the EYES and SKIN has been donated. Although they prefer the remains to be intact, at times they may be able to accept a body after the internal organs have been harvested, however IT CANNOT BE GUARANTEED.

Can an Individual Be Disqualified?
It is only under most unusual circumstances that a donor’s body would be rejected; the Registry does reserve the right to refuse a donation.
Bodies of persons dying from highly communicable diseases, crushing injuries, whose remains are autopsied, decomposed, embalmed, obese, or have had recent extensive surgery prior to death may not be accepted.
A determination is made at death for acceptance of remains.

Do I receive the cremated remains back? Yes. You have the option of having the cremated remains returned, although there is no guaranteed time frame.

How Do I Enroll in the Program?
You must be 18 years of age to be a registered donor.
Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home will assist you or you can visit: and download two copies of the Donor Form. Fill them out completely and have them witnessed by two adults. Return the form to the funeral home where a copy will be placed on file for you. The funeral director will submit the form to Humanity Gifts Registry on your behalf.

Are there Costs Involved?
Humanity Gifts Registry will pay $100 towards the expense of transportation from the place of death, by Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home, to one of the medical teaching institutions, usually Hershey Medical Center. Your next of kin or estate will be responsible for the costs over this amount.
The Registry also assumes the cost of cremation, burial of the cremated remains in their established cemeteries and Celebrations of Remembrance held by the Registry once a year.

What if I Want a Memorial Service?
Yes. We can help you plan a gathering, visitation, and memorial service at the funeral home, your church, or your place of preference. It is possible to have a family viewing prior to transporting your loved one to the donor facility. However, a public viewing may not be possible.