Graveside services are the final step in the funeral ceremony.

The graveside (or committal) service is the final portion of the funeral where the deceased is interred in the ground or entombed in a columbarium niche or mausoleum. Committal services can include all family and friends that were present at earlier portions of the funeral, or it can be a more private graveside ceremony with a smaller, more intimate group. Charles F. Snyder funeral directors can assist in helping families decide which best suits their wishes.

All of our services can be conducted with accommodations for vision and hearing-impaired attendees.

If a traditional funeral is being performed, attendees proceed from where the funeral service was held to the cemetery. Transportation for the immediate family can be provided by the funeral home, and the automotive procession will be coordinated by our staff.

Typically a member of the clergy or a religious officiant performs the service in accordance with the religious traditions of the family’s faith. Once the service is concluded and the family leaves the cemetery, Charles F. Snyder funeral directors will make sure the cemetery properly closes the gravesite.

Committal services after cremation can involve different planning, depending on what other funeral services were conducted. In all instances, however, our funeral directors will take the lead in coordinating all of the necessary details so the family of the deceased can concentrate on other things.