On November 18, 2016 Chip & Chad Snyder donate the new Penn Square Clock to the City of Lancaster.

Our beautiful city has always been symbolically referred to as “the red rose” city. When I was working on the design of the clock for Lancaster City’s Penn Square with City Planner Charlotte Katzenmoyer we really wanted to incorporate the Red Rose. The red rose represents a few things to all of us; love and passion; we’re very proud of our Lancaster, the history and innovation of the City and are passionate for the well-being of our city; The rose is also a symbol of great respect; which our city is known to welcome all with open arms; all ethnic and cultural backgrounds; and courage; Lancaster has embraced many courageous people who have helped transform our city to what it is today.

Lancaster, PA ClockAs a little boy growing up in Lancaster City, right here on King St., I can remember walking through Penn Square on my way to Central Market with my sister, Christina, and parents, Chip and Doreen, coming to the annual Christmas Tree lighting, and watching Santa at Watt & Shand; I never imagined standing here 30 years later dedicating a clock to the city we all admire. Our family is very honored to do this.

After hearing that the former clock was being removed with no plan to replace it, I presented our idea to Charlotte Katzenmoyer and Mayor Gray. Our family agreed that this was a fitting tribute to the city that will honor our families’ long history of service and civic engagement. My grandfather Charles F. Snyder, founded the funeral home here on King Street in 1947, and he served as the City Controller from 1962-1966. My other grandfather George Vlassis was employed by the City as a housing inspector, and my great aunt Janice Stork was Lancaster city’s first female Mayor who served two terms from 1990-1998. All were City residents. AND as a very NEW newlywed, my wife, Lee Shand and her family, the Shand’s, owned and operated the Watt & Shand Department Stores for over a 100 years right here at Penn Square.

On behalf of our entire family and staff we would like to dedicate this clock to the City of Lancaster as a monument for all of the hard work and all of the time that has been spent in making this the best place to live in the United States!

Thank you,

Charles F. “Chad” Snyder III
Charles F. “Chip” Snyder, Jr.

The place I call home...

Doreen Vlassis Snyder in Lancaster, PA The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is home to me in many ways. It's where I was baptized and went to Sunday school every week. At this beautiful church, I volunteered, met my husband, got married, baptized my children, and saw my daughter marry. I feel peaceful attending Liturgy each week, as the smell of incense fills the church. I am proud to be a member of such a wonderful community. — Doreen Vlassis Snyder Vice President and Family Services Representative

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