Seven questions to ask the funeral home when considering cremation

Whatever your motivation is in considering cremation, it is important that you are well informed regarding the cremation process so that your wishes and concerns are adequately represented now and in the future.

Once you are ready to sit down with a funeral home to discuss cremation, make sure you get clear answers to these seven questions.

But many individuals are unclear about how to go about arranging cremation services. There is a lot of information available online from some reputable state and national associations. These are always good places to start. But because not all funeral homes or crematories operate the same way, make sure you get clear answers to these seven questions once you are ready to sit down and discuss arranging cremation services.

We have provided our answers below for your consideration.

  1. Who owns the crematory?We own and operate our own crematory which we make available only to our own clients.
  2. Where will cremation occur?Cremation occurs at our Manheim Township funeral home location in Lancaster, PA.
  3. Where will my loved one be taken to once they are taken into the care of the funeral home?Because we own and operate our own crematory, your family member will be transported directly to our Manheim Township facility, never leaving our care. Our licensed funeral directors are available 24 hours/day to ensure that transport will be immediate regardless of the day or time that a death has occurred.
  4. Can I visit and tour the cremation facility before making the final arrangements?Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home & Crematory offers tours of the Manheim Township facility for anyone interested in visiting. Email us online or call the Manheim Township funeral home directly at 717-560-5100 to schedule a tour at your convenience.
  5. How do I know that the cremation will be done responsibly?All of our cremation specialists are licensed funeral directors and have been trained and certified through the Cremation Association of North America. We built our own crematory for the explicit purpose of maintaining our high level of service throughout the cremation process. Not having to rely on a third-party crematory allows us to personally guarantee your satisfaction.
  6. How are the cremated remains collected?Since we own and operate an on-site crematory, we’re able to return 100% of the recoverable amount of cremated remains of your loved one, ensuring you peace of mind.
  7. How much time does it take to complete the cremation process?Because we operate our own crematory, we can serve families more quickly than funeral homes that rely on a third-party crematory. While Lancaster County requires a 24-hour waiting period after death occurs before any cremation can commence, we can work with families to provide extremely fast cremations (as fast as 24 hours) once the waiting period has been satisfied.

The cremation specialists at Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes & Crematory will answer these, and any other question you may have, clearly and completely. Contact a licensed funeral director online, or call us at 717-393-9661 to arrange a meeting at your home, or at our Lancaster, Lititz, Millersville, PA or Manheim Township funeral homes.