Barry Howard Penchansky, 62

Barry Howard Penchansky, 62, of Lancaster, died peacefully at home Saturday November 29th.

Born in Bayonne, NJ, he was the son of Samuel & Sophie Penchansky.

An Eagle Scout, he graduated from Bayonne High School, Rutgers University (cum laude), and Jefferson Medical College.

Barry served the United States Air Force from 1974-76.  He worked as an Aviation Medical Examiner since 1976 and has been a much-loved family physician at Southeast Lancaster Health Services since 1979.

An avid traveler, adventurer, skier, aerobatic pilot, artist, photographer, and humanitarian, as well as a 30 year cancer survivor, he is survived by his son Jacob and daughter Laura.

A memorial service will be held at Charles F.  Snyder Jr. Funeral Home and Chapel, 3110 Lititz Pike, Lititz, PA  on Sunday, Dec. 7th at 1 PM. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the charity of your choice. To send an online condolence, please visit

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Condolences to the Family

April 21, 2022

Dr. P was my family doctor since as far back as I can recall. On more then one occasion he saved me from an early end, not wish I had the opportunity to say thanks one more time. 

February 07, 2021

I try to avoid reminiscence, but remembering Barry Penchansky, M.D. today!
I first met Dr Penchansky when I was 17 and needed treatment for a common STD.  He ran one of, if not the only, neighborhood clinics at the time. Of course I needed to stay under my parents’ radar – what better way with a doc whose hair went to his waist!. There was no judgement, just caring. As I can recall, it cost about$30. As luck would have it, he became my FAA physician many years later, seeing me in his garage makeshift practice on Butter Road.
As a physician at Southeast Lancaster, he was much loved, and will never be far from our hearts…
Gregory Sechler

May 22, 2017

I met Dr. Penchnsky as a new bride and new immigrant in this country in 1983. He was my family doctor and pediatrician who saw me through the turmoil of adjusting to a new culture, marriage and motherhood. He insisted I drive back home after my first car accident ( instead of being paralized by fear) volunteer with planned parenthood ( insisted that I not sit at home instead meet the changes head on). I relied on his trusted advice regarding child rearing. He saw me through some of the most difficult times of my life.  I have never forgotten his kindness, practical advice and excellent medical care that my family received from him. I have not been able to find another doctor like him in the 30 years since I left Lancaster. I know this is very late however I wanted the opportunity to tell his family that Dr. Penchansky was an extraordinary human being who had a profound impact in my life in the crucial years of my life all those years ago. I thank God for him and may all the good he did bring goodness and blessings to his family. 
Loganayaki Thambidurai

March 29, 2014

I served along side with Barry in the Air Force at Beale AFB, CA. As well, I went flying wi Barry shortly after he got his private pilot license. We did aerobatics — not for the faint of heart. Barry met my family in Los Angeles, and was always colorful, creative and magnanimous. He was erudite, but humble and never pretentious. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of a range of topics and subjects.
Barry was a trip. A wonderful and compassionate physician, Barry was very popular with his patients and other members of the military. Barry was his own person, even back then. He was definitely NOT your typical conforming, ” just do as your told” military officer. Barry was brilliant, creative, colorful, and inspiring. He was one of a few ” military hippies.” He was a cool dude. We would meet occationally after we were both discharged from the service. I will always remember Barry, and will miss him greatly.
dr jeffrey arden
los Angeles 

Barry and I go back to troop 13 Bayonne NJ. We did a merit badge together. Cycling. We took our bikes from Bayonne over the Bayonne Bridge into Staten Island. It was a long ride that lasted a good part of the day. We were on a number of overnight hikes in the winter in the snow. He always had a good time and was a happy guy. Sorry I did not stop in to visit him when I was up in Lancaster.   
Edward Miller

I was lucky enough to have met and worked with Barry Penchansky last year as a 3rd year medical student. It was one of my first rotations out into the real world of clinical duties, and Dr. Penchansky enlightened me with his wealth of knowledge, care, and compassion. I will never forget his passion for flying and photography. When we had a few moments to talk in between seeing patients together, he would show me his photography and always talked about his children. He had so much love for those around him at work, and always let us know how important his family was to him. He will be missed. I send my thoughts, prayers, and condolences to the family Barry loved so much.

Dear Laura and Jacob,
    I just wanted to tell you what a shock it was to hear about your dad. I have never been able to find a physician as good as him before and since he attended to my care. Your dad literally helped save my life and I will be forever grateful. I am so sorry for your loss. The world is definitely a little less safe and a little less kind because of his leaving us.  I can only imagine how many others he must have helped beside me. A man’s greatness is not judged by his worldly possessions but by the amount and depth of his kindness the ability to help others. You dad is a great man! 
Matt Freibaum

To All Family Members
Barry and i go back many many years ago. Our parents were good friends and Barry and i thus became friends too. We spent our summers at Camp Echo Lark for many years and believe it or not had private dance lessons together.
He was a great friend and will be missed by all who knew him.
My condolences to the family and friends
Edie Feldman Katz

Dear Deana..I was saddened to hear of the untimely death of your brother Barry.  I remember all the good times our families had together and all the summers at Camp.  My thoughts are with you. 
Harriet Feldman Kallet

Jay and Laura,
I am saddened to see the passing of your father. You guys know that I have known him since I was just a child.  I would have never known this if it weren’t for my Mother calling me and telling me.  Jay, you and I go way back to just being children playing around the neighborhood.  This brings back memories of you and me giving your old man a hard time, but he was always there to love and understand.
My deepest sympathy,
Alexei M. Boyarsky
Virginia Beach VA

Except for the times I have lived at other locations, I have been getting my FAA medicals with "Doc" since 1976, the first 16 years annually and the last 16 years twice a year.  We often joked about the first time he came in to do my medical – I thought he was the janitor.  He was one-of-a-kind and will be missed immensely by the pilot community.  His passion for life and fun was evident.  I looked forward to going to his house (usually at night) every six months.  Getting FAA medicals will never be the same, and I’m sure I will think of him every time I get my medical – it will now become a chore – no longer a fun experience.
Roger Weaver

A donation has been made to the AOPA Air Safety Foundation in memory of Dr. Penchansky.
Robert G. Hale, Jr.

Dear Laura and Jay,
I am sending my belated sympathies.  In the short time that I knew your father, he impressed me with his courage, sense of humor, and joy for life.  It was an honor for me to perform his heart surgery.  I wish he would have had more time.  I would have been proud to have a Father like your Dad.  We’ll all miss him.
Al Bernabei

Dear Jay,
I just heard this morning of your father’s passing. My wife Kathy and I were coming to Lancaster on the 24th to surprise him with another humorous visit. I am heartbroken that my visit is too late. I consider your Dad to be the best friend I ever had. We ran together almost daily from 1986 to 1998 when we left Lancaster for Florida. I always made sure we visited whenever I returned to town, and always looked forward to his wit and humor.
One day we were running through the Lancaster Country Club and your Dad was thirsty so we went in to the club to get a drink from the fountain. Your Dad was dressed in his usual sloppy old running clothes. His hair looked almost exactly like one of those old troll dolls. The security guard caught site of us and told us we had to leave because "we don’t allow the homeless to come in here". We had many laughs about that over the years.
When we were training for the Lancaster Marathon we would run 15 to 20 miles on Sundays around town. Our motto was "Beat Oprah!" Unfortunately, we didn’t, taking somewhere near 5 hours to finish. Spending all that time with your Dad was some of the best times in my life.
It was a real pleasure meeting you earlier this year. If there is anything I can ever do for you please let me know. The world will be a sorrier place without your Dad.
Mike Bradigan
5025 Jason Black Dr
Cherryville, NC 28021

To Laura and the Penchansky Family,
    We are saddened to learn of your father’s passing, but know very well that he fought brilliantly to be near to his family.  Hopefully your fond memories will console you as the future unfolds for we know that he will be sorely missed by you and many.
    "And when he shall die, take him and cut him into stars, and he
     shall make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will
     be in love with night and pay no mind to the garish sun."
                                                      William Shakespeare
With fondness,
Candy DeGreen (Laura’s teacher) and Peter DeGreen (Barry’s doctor)

To The Penchansky Family:
I have known Barry all my life and we graduated Bayonne High together.  His dad was a great Dr. too.  My mom was his dads nurse for many years.  You could always find Dr.Sam (Barry’s dad) sitting by his desk no matter what day it was.  He never turned anyone away even if Dr. Sam had to make a house call.  I guess Barry learned alot from his dad, he would always be helping out as a kid, and years later when Barry visited his mom and dad he would be right there helping out with the patients.  My mom always said Barry had new ways of doing things.  She enjoyed when he came to town.  Sure would have liked to have Barry as my doctor after his dad passed, but Barry wanted to stay in Philly.I will always remember his smile and the crazy things he used to do to his dad.  Now he is with his mom and dad and probably set up an office in heaven helping angels with broken wings etc. 
Well Barry you will be missed terribly by many many people, you had a heart of gold and a smile to match. Your children sure have a dad to be very proud of.
Suzanne Nemcik (Cristi)
Bayonne, N.J.

Dr. Penchansky believed that everyone should have good medical care.  He
followed up on that premise and provided it with such genuine sincerity.
It was a privilege to know someone who cared about others as he did.
Vicki Swayne

Barry and I go back to No. 3 school and of course to Bayonne High. The warm smile that he wore on his sleeve is imprinted in my memory. He lived right around the block from  my house. Prayers to the family.
Ellen Lee Bullock
Nes Ziona,Israel

Dr. P was such a good man, I would be dead if not for his care. My children are raised now and were heart sick when they were told of his passing. I began going to Dr. P as a single Mom and stayed with him even after getting better and better insurance benefits. There was no better man, caring and healing.  I just loved his ways, if a vitamin and herb was just as good as a prescription he’d inform you of an alternative. My heart is sad. Leilani A. Marchand.

I remember Skiing in Montana with Barry. First time I met him was out there. Friend of Jeff Banta. Barry’s Skiis were about 3 feet Long!!!  He will be missed. He had a big heart.  Paul B. Murray

Dear Jacob and Laura,

I am saddened to hear that your father died last Saturday and wish to extend my sympathy.
I knew your father since he started practicing medicine on Pearl Street. We continued to be friends through 30 years.  When I ran my first Red Rose Run, your father ran with me to give me words of support. Dr. Penchansky will be missed at SE Lancaster Family Health. He was such a caring physician and good friend. I always admired his courage through his humor. Though this loss is painful, there are many reasons to be proud of your father.
Please accept what little comfort these words can give you.  Dr. Penchansky will be missed by so many people.
Mrs. Denise A Karpy, 208 Appomattox Lane, Chocowinity, NC 27817

Dear friends:
I am so sorry to learn of Barry’s passing.  All of you are in our thoughts and prayers at his difficult time.
Very sincerely,
Dennis Jeff
InsuranceMasters of Lancaster

Dear Laura and the Penchansky family,
I am so sorry to hear of the death of your father. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of loss.
Donna Brady

At a time when many physicians were limiting their practices to those patients with better reimbursement; Barry chose to serve the disadvantaged and most vulnerable in our society.
He performed a valuable service to our community and will be missed by many.
Dr Larry Carroll

My heartfelt sympathy is with your family. I also have known Dr. P since the Pearl Street practice when he saved my son at 2 weeks old from double pneumonia, and I have followed him around for 31 years. and oh my sometimes he was hard to catch..he’s an amazingly brilliant man who I find extraordinary in every way..His heart was so giving, and his kindness was unmistakable.  and his bedside manner, humorous to say the least..I will miss my Dr. P’s smile as there is no other..whoever had the privilege to meet him is a very lucky was he to have a family like yours…God Bless,
Barbara Kane and Family

Dear Jacob and Laura,
I have known your father since 1993, seeing him twice each year for my F.A.A. medical.  I last was with him on June 13th of this year and we said our goodbyes at that time.  My deepest sympathy and condolences to both of you.  Your father was a really unique person and lived life to the fullest, he will be and is already missed tremendously.  May you find comfort during this hard, hard time.  My thoughts are with you.
Larry Gingrich

Please know how much Dr. Penchansky meant to our pilots with his constant willingness to perform FAA physicals day or night to accommodate their strange schedules.  Always willing, ever friendly and eager to talk aviation. He will be missed.
With deepest sympathy and caring thoughts as we honor an impressive man.
The Staff at Venture Jets, Lancaster Airport

Dear Samuel & Sophie,
   Although I do not know you, I knew your father. As a pilot, I would not go to any another AME for my annual flight physicals, and looked forward to my annual requirement due to your dad’s unique personality. Yes, he was one of a kind, but in a great and unique way. He was a fun guy, from my perspective, and I admired his vast involvement in traveling, photography and especially his aerobatic pilot skills. He will be vastly missed. Best regard to you both.
Robert A. (Rob) Manion, Commercial Helicopter Pilot & ASEL
Fly Anything, Incorporated

May you find peace and comfort in all the wonderful memories you have of your Dad. I worked at Southeast from 2005 to the beginning of 2008 and Dr. P. always put a smile on my face.  We had numerous discussions about his love of flying, and he always kidded me about my Brooklyn accent.  ("Have you had your cawfeeee yet, Bambi?")  Barry was the only physician who encouraged me to try different medications for my migraines.  On the 2nd try, we hit the jackpot!  Now I no longer fear a migraine coming on — I know the pills Barry prescribed for me will do the trick.  You could not find a better diagnostician.  Barry knew his stuff, and he was proud of it.  I feel fortunate to have known him and to have been under his care.  I will never forget his amazing photographs which were displayed throughout the building.  What an extraordinary man with so many talents.  His dedication to his patients never ceased.  I will never forget him.  WITH LOVE AND APPRECIATION, BAMBI WILLENKIN.

Barry was a fabulous Doctor as well as a good, kind man. He always made me laugh every time I saw him. He had a good zest for life. I always smiled when I saw his plane taking off early on a Sunday morning. I knew he was going out to have fun!
A great man who will be sadly missed.
Take care Barry.
Darren Lucas

Of all our classmates at Bayonne High, Barry had the sunniest disposition.  I never saw him angry, or even covered by a frown; not once.  Although our contacts since then have been few and far between, I join with his family, friends and colleagues in mourning his passing.  We have all lost a good friend.
David Dembe

Dear Laura and Jacob,
    I met your father 28 years ago when he provided me with a FAA flight physical and have been a patient ever since that date. He has been a valued member of the aviation community and will be deeply missed by all who came in contact with him. We all grieve with you on his passing.
    His insight and compassion for all who walked on this earth was truly  remarkable. He will always be remembered as a man with an open heart and eyes full of wide eyed wonder of the natural world.
    The contribution he made to society has been felt by many and will be
missed by those who never had the opportunity to met this "one of a kind".
    His life is an inspiration to all who knew him. Your loss is felt by our
world and his remembrance is everlasting in our world.
Keith Graham

Dear all,
I have known Barry since No 3 school in Bayonne, NJ. Hoping you can be comforted by the memories of all his spirit, zest and goodwill.
Ellen Blitzer

To Barry’s Family:
I learned today of Barry’s passing. I was a childhood friend of Barry’s.  He was a first rate mischief maker and was instrumental in expanding my knowledge of homemade explosives and rocketry.  I can easily visualize his laugh as we detonated, in seconds, plastic model airplanes we spent hours building.  He was then, as it appears he remained, a kind and gentle soul, with a thirst for adventure.  He was a good buddy growing up and at a not too long ago high school reunion we took up right where we had left off, decades ago, laughing and carrying on.  My deepest sympathies.
Billy Cohen
Bronx, New York

Barry will surely be missed by many of his patients and
co-workers at SouthEast. We all have lost a true friend. Jacob and Laura may God help you through the loss of your father.
Frances A. Jones

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